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News detail

Devil City of Karamay, Xinjiang, contains 360 million tons of heavy oil

2019/01/19 11:28
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Urumqi, May 24, Xinhua (Mao Yongzhang Wei) reporter learned from the Exploration and Development Research Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company on May 24 that scientific researchers found 360 million tons of heavy oil reserves in the "Zhong18 well area" near the "Devil City" of Karamay, and the thermal recovery of heavy oil industry in this area is about to start.
Dai Xiang, senior engineer of the Exploration and Development Research Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, said that there are abundant heavy oil resources in the underground of "Devil City" of Karamay. Through decades of exploration and evaluation, 360 million tons of heavy oil reserves have been basically determined here. The area with 18 wells is expected to have more than 7 million tons of declared reserves. Its development will be important for Xinjiang oilfield to maintain the scale of heavy oil development. Support ".
"Zhong18 Well Area" of Karamay Oilfield is located in the west of Fengcheng Oilfield in the northwest margin of Junggar Basin, about 120 kilometers away from Karamay City, which is close to the "Devil City" of 4A class scenic spot in neighboring countries. In formulating the development plan of Zhong18 well area, Xinjiang Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute strictly follows the principle of creating green oilfields, which minimizes the damage to the landscape and natural environment of the scenic area.
According to the international general classification standard of crude oil, crude oil with high viscosity and relative density is usually called heavy oil, that is, high viscosity heavy oil, which can hardly flow under the original conditions of reservoir.
In the mid and late 1950s, heavy oil was discovered in Devil City area by petroleum prospectors of China (11.10, 0.26, 2.40%). However, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of crude oil and the limitation of technological conditions at that time, no key exploration was carried out. From 2002 to 2006, with the improvement of mining technology and technology, the exploration of heavy oil in Karamay has entered a new stage. In December 2008, a large-scale industrial development was carried out in Zhong32 well area, and the steam injection heat has achieved good development results.
Karamay's heavy oil has unique low sulfur characteristics. It can be used to extract high-grade lubricants, low pour point diesel oil, aviation kerosene, transformer oil, rubber oil and other special oils.