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News detail

Our company successfully participated in the Abu Dhabi exhibition.

2019/01/19 11:33
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From November 6 to 16, our company participated in the 18th Middle East (Abu Dhabi) International Petroleum Exposition (ADIPEC).
Under the company's great attention, the main leader personally led the team, and the Ministry of International Trade appointed three people to participate in the exhibition. After full preparation before the exhibition and active, active and enthusiastic work at the exhibition, our company's products, corporate image and all aspects of the strength of the company left a deep impression on customers, laying a solid foundation for the next development of the Middle East market.
ADIPEC started in 1984 and has now developed into the largest oil and gas exploration, exploitation, production and environmental protection industry in the region, the third largest oil and gas professional exhibition in the world, and the best platform for all exhibitors and professionals to enter the Middle East market. This exhibition brings together the world's major oil companies and many international outstanding suppliers of oil machinery and buyers from all over the world. The exhibitors are the largest in the past years. The exhibition area and scale have reached a record high.
During the exhibition, our foreign trade personnel had a frank exchange with old and new customers, introduced the company's development to new and old customers, and had a good business communication and exchange with customers, which enhanced mutual friendship and trust.