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News detail

BP: The collection rate of spilled crude oil dropped to 1,120 barrels per day.

2019/01/19 11:27
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[Shihua Finance News, May 25] BP said that the company's collection rate of spilled crude oil has dropped to 1,120 barrels per day, the third consecutive day of decline in the collection rate, while confirming that the company is planning to open the "top kill" operation program.
On May 24, a spokesman for BP PLC said that the amount of oil spilled from the Gulf of Mexico had dropped to 1,120 barrels a day.
This is the third consecutive day that BP has collected less crude oil. John Curry, a spokesman for the company, said the 23-day decline was due to some "fine-tuning" of the company's operations.
The company said it collected 1,360 barrels of crude oil equivalent on the 23rd, down from 2,200 barrels per day on the 21st and 22nd. The data is also far below the 20-day collection, which the company said collected 5,000 barrels of spilled crude oil on the 20th.
Data on the 20th day showed that the oil spill was much larger than official estimates, forcing BP to admit that the spill was larger than previously expected.
BP has been criticized by the public for failing to prevent oil spills and provide accurate data for predicting oil spills. On the 20th, the company faced increasing pressure as the heavy oil spill began to invade the Louisiana coast.
Corey also said that the company pumped 3 million cubic feet of natural gas from the ruptured pipeline on the 24th. This amount of natural gas is also less than 7 million cubic feet on the 23rd.
Corey confirmed that BP was planning to open an operation called top kill, which would inject heavy drilling fluid into the well and seal it with cement to prevent oil and gas leaks and eventually seal the well.